Increase your fans

hai all You can increase your fans in your profile now .Who doesnt ant fans .So when next time when your friends check your profile they will be amazed to see the number of fans you have ,and will be jealous to you .Never reveal the secret to them .Let them find out themselves .
Fans will be fake ,not real. But still you will be popular among your friends whos having a maximum amount of fans .

Follow the steps:

1) Create a fake account and add yourself as a friend there.
2) Visit the
FRIENDS page by logging into your just created fake account.
3) Point your cursor on the fan icon () beside your real profile. Note your status bar. It should be showing something like javascript:setKarma('FRUS*******/US*******'). Note the code FRUS******* and US******* somewhere. Now, click on the star so as to make your fake account a fan of your real account.
4) Copy the following code to your address bar (The location where you type ). Replace FRUS******* and US******* in the following script with the one you noted in the above step.

5) Hit ENTER key of your keyboard. The page will keep on reloading and your fans will keep on increasing with an approximate speed of 6 fans per second untl you close the window